About us

A wedding is the single most special moment in a person’s life; nothing comes close to the anticipation one feels before D-Day. It’s also one of the most memorable moments for families and friends of the bride and groom (and for about 200 people they’ve never met before). Everything is expected to be perfect. Today, wedding planning is limitless. A plethora of ideas are available, and you can plan any wedding that you (or more importantly your relatives) dream of. Brides to be have their bedside drawers filled with magazine cut0-outs of the kind of table settings they want and are often guilty of stalking countless celebrity weddings online. There are others who pin countless wedding ideas on their Pinterest boards.


Welcome, to the Modern Indian Wedding.


The perfect wedding for any bride and groom is one where their fairytale wedding is brought to life in detail – a radiant bride, exceptional decor, and most importantly, zero “shikayat” from the elders in the family. But, in reality, the opposite is true at times. Disappointed brides, stressed-out groom, harrowed family members, lost friends looking for the secret room with all the booze, drunk uncle who is taking control of the playlist or the same set of 4 aunties who are looking for a safety pin right before the sangeet. The flowers are wrong, the drapes are shabby, the food is cold, a guest is waiting at the airport without a ride and shockingly nobody is has a safety pin stock handy where there’s a Super Duper Urgent Kisi Ke Paas Safety Pin Hai Emergency.


Enter, Shaadi Squad , the new age wedding planning and production experts, who will keep your anxieties at bay!